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a bit about me

A couple of years a go I decided I would  marry one of my besties - not in a romantic-love-of-my-life-best friend kind of way, I literally became a marriage celebrant to officiate the wedding of one of my best friends! 

(That's me in the middle at her wedding last year... oh yeah, I was also her bridesmaid! Because why not walk down the aisle then spin around with the microphone to surprise 100 odd wedding guests!)

I definitely underestimated how much work went into becoming a celebrant, but now I am one - it is a whole lot of fun!

My other "job" is consulting to businesses on Organisational Development, Leadership and People Experience (yep - can talk to a crowd!). 

I have two pugs and LOVE dogs (so if you want a doggo at your ceremony you know I'm all for it!)

Like most people, I love to travel (did I hear you're after a destination wedding?!) and am also a wannabe adrenaline junkie (exchanging vows while sky diving? Why, not!).

Now you know a little bit about me, I can't wait to hear about you!

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